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Our Story

Our Logo


We put a lot of thought into creating our logo for Encino Veterinary Center & we hope you love it as much as we do! Naturally, we started with the word Encino, which is the Spanish word for Oak. Oak tress symbolize knowledge, health and family, making it easy for it to serve as our focal point.

The orange colors at the top of the leaves reflect the warm sunny California vibes. That warmth extends to the heart element at the center of the trunk, and this warmth and love radiates to the dog and cat on each side.

The Practice

The practice re-opened October 2021, once again becoming a locally owned small business. The practice has been serving the Encino & the surrounding community since the early 80's. After over 30 years of providing care to the pets of Encino the practice was sold to a Texas based corporation. After a few years of corporate ownership the practice closed in early 2021 before re-opening as a locally owned small business. We are excited to continue to provide pet care for Encino and the surrounding Los Angeles community.

Our Purpose


To Improve the Lives of Pets & Their People While Providing a Great Workplace for Our Team & Making a Positive Impact in Our World

Our Core Values

We are One Team

       - Honest, Hardworking & Collaborative So We All Succeed & Get the Job Done


We Practice Excellence

        - Providing Exceptional Care & Service So Our Patients Are Healthy & Clients Rave About Us


We Embrace & Drive Change

       - If we Don’t Evolve & Continuously Improve, We’re Falling Behind


We Take Ownership

        - We Are Each Accountable for Outcomes, Good or Bad, and We Don’t Make Excuses


We Make a Positive & Meaningful Impact

        - In Our Patients, Their People & Our World

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