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The Upgraded Cat Experience


We know veterinary visits can be stressful for all, so we do everything we can to minimize the stress!


You can help us deliver the Upgraded Experience by starting the calming process at home. Ideally, unless medically necessary, you will skip breakfast or if you have an afternoon appointment, feed only a small portion. This helps avoid motion sickness which can be the start of a bad experience.  


We recommend, and cats prefer, a cat carrier that can easily have the top removed/unzipped, avoiding the dreaded shove you in/pull you out the front door approach. 


At least 15 minutes before leaving home use a Feliway calming pheromone spray on the carrier & spray your car as well.  We want a calm kitty patient as much as you do!


While at home & during your drive we recommend playing cat approved calming music. Search for David Teie's "Music For Cats" on Youtube, Spotify or Apple Music.


Once you arrive, we escort your cat directly to a Feliway pheromone infused cat specific exam room, where a relaxing cat approved soundtrack plays in the background. This provides a clean, quiet, personal cage free space without any dog smells & no more having to glare at barking dogs in the lobby! As close to a kittie zen spa vet experience as you can get!


We attempt to perform as much as possible in the relaxed exam room environment minimizing moving to multiple unfamiliar areas of our facility. We use low stress techniques & lots of treats. If we must move, such as to the x-ray room, we return your pet to the comfort of their personal room as soon as possible & avoid the use of a cage.


The check out process is completed in the room & if a brief wait in the lobby is needed, we have separate dog and cat waiting areas.

Cat in Basket
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